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Total Dumbey


This is a true archival release: the newest piece of material being recorded in Summer of 2012. It's a hodgepodge (as is the next entry in the discog) but hey sometimes you gotta let these things go roam free so you/me/whomever can get on with their life. Of note here is the final track "Biographical" which was the last collaborative effort with former bandmates from a different era, completed over the internet. Don't usually put collabz of that nature on the P.P. Rex/VH release schedule, but this one is a goodie and it was collecting dust. Enjoy.

♫ TRACKLIST – 11 TRACKS (43:15)
1. Lo Res Nation Flagz 02:36
2. Gold or Bust, Fitz 00:11
3. OWL SHOP 14:48
4. Googling Every # I Own Them Now 01:33
5. Counting 09:30
6. I Have Not Gone to the Grocery Store Since 1996 (True Story) 00:10
7. Feeling BLUE 04:56
8. Super Sunday Movie 00:13
9. The Boy's House is Hit by Lightning 00:32
10. New Chant 00:17
11. CLOUDS 02:03
12. Not Good Thoughts 00:34
13. Biographical 02:11
14. p e e r s (iTunes Bonus Track)