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previously, i kept my SnapChat Stories as SS micro-EPs, which was a nice way of doings things, then i kept them as "unregulated nothingness" and that got old relatively fast; and finally I kept them here in all their holy glory until I fot bored and stopped using snapchat. my username was "ki77me" and i haven't logged on in years. above you will find the original snapchat videos compiled on youtube, and below you will find notes that i wrote intermittently at the time (late '18-early '19). enjoy?

L I N E R • N O T E ST R A C K • L I S T
i'm gonna try 2 do my best and keep the liner notes and tracklist columns even so that it looks good. its all about symmetry in the end. even if i don't comment on every track, ill comment on some of the tracks like the first track? what can u say? i dont even know what made me think about that hilldog moment as the leadoff track other than i didnt want 2 look at my own face when i was holding the phone in that moment. simple as that. time goes on, things happen. i might be dead in negative eleven days but i'll day making art even if all the art i make is about how making art is a futile experience and meaningless gesture. i gotta say that this is difficult mostly because like right now my phone sitch is not up 2 snuff, this huawei joint (wah way yall) is not really cutting it. i mean its fine 4 what it is maybe but the snapchat app after this last update (02-22-18) is just slow as shit and its hard. we back baby. allow me 2 do a focal point on some tite lyrix yall: "singaporean island violence / chicken cacciatore cant bring them peace" (and that bein from joint numero 16). mad respek 2 the singaporean people in general tho; i aint frontin. i think the key 2 not having my dumb android phone flug up all the damn time is 2 just USE it. USE the app. when im in dat s.c. app it seems 2 werk mo better and whatnot. i think about the marquee text on this page: "add me - kill me" and I like that, like as a mantra. mantras are cool. even in the abstract and poorly appropriated, mantras seem cool. im worried im not being consistent with my stylization and intentional misspelling of words in these "liner notes" but thats prolly a dumb thing 2 be worried about imo. im drinking that cafe bustelo coffee right now and that is the good stuff! c.b. drip from a cheap plastic machine might be favorite type of coffee. that is wholly unrelated 2 this project and im sorry about that. it's been like 2 and a half months since i've updated these jams. just recorded a new one with my huawei honor 7x phone, "rip old me" which is so damn out of key i love it. back at it after a 2+ month break yet again what is wrong with me. i will say this: the app the actual app the damn app folks, it was really working it really was. i am thankful 4 all of u who have downloaded this hit album thank u. one of the hardest parts of doing this liner notes section is that i have no idea what style i'm going 4. obviously: all lowercase, and commas and colons seem ok. but every word "to" is 2, and every word "for" is 4, but i'm not using ampersands 4 some reason, nor am i using any end punctuation besides the period (question mark). this thing... i ought 2 just let it evolve like everything else i do. i also want 2 dedicate album or whatever it is 2 everyone who survived 9/11, we are also the true patriots because we have 2 think about it from time 2 time and we sometimes think about that guy who jumped. they call that guy the falling man, but maybe he was a whole gang of men... when i think about the man i want 2 be sometimes i wonder if this man is a grown man who likes saving videos using the snapchat filters of him singing strange, 'made up on the spot' type songs, but because i'm not sure, because of this, i ought 2 keep going because one day i'll double the tracklist on this project and then it will necessitate me writing that much equal copy on this side of the page so that the two columns are of equal height... while, technically, it might be true that i am not allowed in a Cinnabon® the truth is a bit more complicated. so it's now i'd like 2 talk about auras. specifically: mine. you see it was 1980 and i was negative 1 years old, the sky was bright and so was my future. the lord had not yet invented the ampersand and i had a sweet tooth. a precarious youth of -1, sprawling wild prebirth void of apathy/empathy/otherthys, i knew the sugar and carbs (they themselves sugar, don't 4get) would be 2 much 2 overcome. so the "ban" is self-imposed you see, and the future, my future is otherwise (still) bright... just sitting here watching the game (thurs night football: colts @ patriots, the colts are down 14 and trying to come back and i'm really rooting 4 em. i am a grown man who just typed the words "butt cheek meat" into the computer, well, now that makes 3 different times hahaha, seriously like what am i doing with my life. go andrew luck, go colts... none of these songs are named "gold cobra," am debating going 2 the bathroom here at work (i'm at the office in princeton fam) 2 record the song "gold cobra" via the snap-chat app on my phone haha that's what this is all about fam!!! gonna start using the word fam all the time until it stops feeling i am using it ironically. idk. so it's almost the end of the month (october 2018)... it's election day in exactly one week and i recorded a podcast about/4 the guy in NJ who is allegedly a pedo but is also going to stay a senator which seems insane, and also about graphic design is part of the problem... jesus how much more writing do i have 2 do here until it is even with the tracklist (i know i have mentioned this multiple times above already but jesus i have nothing 2 say here AT ALL). although, the other day i looked at this site on the mobile view and noticed that the text in this column is much longer looking than it does on a web browser. so what i'm trying 2 say is that i have a renewed energy and faith in the system, and by "system" i mean nothingness. it's all nothingness, and it's only ever been nothingness... i want to start writing better songs, like songs that are also memes. i'm not really sure what i mean by this, but every once in awhile i have an idea 4 a song and it's impossible for me to quickly translate into one of the songs like these songs on the SnapSongs™ thing, this thing, the thing you're looking at it! idk... was just trying 2 think of some good parody lyrics 4 grandma got ran over by a reindeer but it's already a parody song or you know super novelty song, haha... question: when does it end? answer: literally never! ... genuinely can't believe i've done 60 of these things. that's a lie actually, it's super easy 2 believe... this is my plea: drain the swamp. just do it. the swamp is nothing but frogs anyhow, just drain the sucker... i just dropped a bundle of firewood on my foot; did i break my foot? no it doesn't seem like i did. sure, it hurts a little bit but i'll be ok. sometimes it's ok 2 let out a frustrated scream: ahahhahhhhaaaaaaaahaha; it doesn't translate well here, i'll give you that. i have been doing this 4 nearly 10 months now, or so. gun 2 my head, if you asked me if i thought i'd have more songs than 70, my answer would be yes. if you asked me how many i thought i would have by now, i would tell you, somewhere between 333 and 402. this is just basically science... i think my song titling has gotten slowly better over the days, weeks, months: culminating with one of my best song titles ever imo: "Cryptic Dick Pic Infinity." it's good 2 be king, haha! i drank 2 diet wild cherry pepsi's today... i'm not good at finding the natural end but i am good at grinding away the days until nothing's left before but a pile of unusable dust which i then try 2 snort like a drug and it's no good at; it's not working. so i take the pile of dust into the kitchen and i try 2 mix in a cup of almond milk 2 make some sort of protein shake out of the wasted time, and that just tastes like shit but thankfully Guy Fieri is in my kitchen and he's like "are you kidding me man? this shake is out of bounds!!" and then everything is right in the world again and by right i just mean it's all the same and nothing is happening. but actually that's all a lie as well; i don't even know Guy and if i did he would probably just say something in pig latin that i wouldn't understand. did you know that despite taking latin in middle school and clearly remembering the teacher going over and even teaching us pig latin, i still have no idea how 2 do it and when someone does it, i find it very hard 2 decipher like i am a fucking child and that's the goddam point of it! the point of it being (1) in general that is the point of pig latin yes of course, and (2) i am forever a little fucking child, lost in the woods, confused, sad etc etc etc. me thinks it's time 2 watch a movie... 1. Pokémon Go to the Polls 02.01.18
2. Like a Deer, Like a Bunny, Like a Mouse, Like a Fox (How I Fly) 02.01.18
3. Lasagna Salami (A Son of a Bitch) 02.02.18
4. Recontextualize Me Maybe, Babygirl 02.02.18
5. Repurpose Your Sherpas (Snap Edit) 02.02.18
6. Coca-Cola 02.09.18
7. It's Not That It's Not Inside of Me02.09.18
8. The Cool Kids vs. The Droopy Dudes02.15.18
9. How to Get Fat and Never Get Skinny02.15.18
10. Drunken Snowglobe Morality Fighters02.15.18
11. Sunday Cyborg02.22.18
12. The Bologna Shores03.06.18
13. People Come and People Go03.27.18
14. Insanity Tasks03.28.18
15. When I Was in a Coma03.28.18
16. Singaporean Island Violence03.28.18
17. RIP, Old Me06.06.18
18. Rose is Off the Bloom08.14.18
19. There's No More Room08.14.18
20. Archipelago08.14.18
21. Economy Crackhouse Jack08.14.18
22. Stealing Your Style08.14.18
23. 9, 10, 11, 1208.29.18
24. Active Shooter DJ Jake08.30.18
25. Termites in My Britches09.11.18
26. Who Really Knows Where Their Money Goes?09.13.18
27. You Are Mistaken in Interlaken09.18.18
28. Professor Spooky Fish09.18.18
29. Japanese Salami Hunt09.18.18
30. Your Howling Innocence Wave09.20.18
31. Future from Pain09.20.18
32. An Echo in This World09.26.18
33. Not Allowed in a Cinnabon ®️09.26.18
34. Innocent Dog09.26.18
35. Color Where Before There Wasn't09.26.18
36. Busy Like Steve09.26.18
37. Polyamorous Airport Antics10.01.18
38. A Violin Sewed to the Skin10.02.18
39. Butt Cheek Meat10.03.18
40. The Truest Person10.04.18
41. (We Have Reason to Believe That) You're Leaving Your Mark10.04.18
42. The Age of Perfection10.09.18
43. Mustard Machine10.12.18
44. Able-bodied Baptists Trashing Lactose-Intolerant Fascists10.12.18
45. Let Me Be Your Boredom10.12.18
46. Depression & Pain10.16.18
47. Wet Danny Loves Donuts10.18.18
48. What If…10.19.18
49. Fisherman10.19.18
50. Aquarium Queso10.22.18
51. Rich Collaborator10.22.18
52. Casserole Jeep10.25.18
53. All Our Idols Are Broke10.25.18
54. Rupert the Meat Man10.25.18
55. Orien Rose10.28.18
56. The Modern Fumes10.30.18
57. Dry Your Eyes, Little Monkey10.30.18
58. U Got the W10.30.18
59. Give My Best to Georgia11.01.18
60. Milk My Energy11.01.18
61. Stop Copying the Bobcats11.06.18
62. Way Out11.06.18
63. D-Bag's Burden11.07.18
64. Platitude11.07.18
65. (Falling Off) The Astral Plane11.07.18
66. Farm Fresh Professional11.07.18
67. Shower with My Socks On (Danger Mom)11.07.18
68. Ever Bigger, the Lumbering Fool11.08.18
69. Cincinnati Grab-Bag11.11.18
70. Cryptic Dick Pic Infinity11.13.18
71. Rob the Mansion11.14.18
72. Got a Hole in My Heart11.14.18
73. Sample the Meat11.19.18
74. Haterade (On Tap)11.20.18
75. Forlorn Corn Octopus11.28.18
76. Water Forever Then Truth11.28.18
77. Cylinders11.30.18
78. Kentucky12.06.18
79. Snow Cone Casserole Confetti12.06.18
80. Nude Inside an Abandoned Mega Church12.06.18
81. The Sun is Bright12.11.18
82. Mega Millions Winners12.11.18
83. The Futile Bugs12.13.18
84. They Love It So Much12.17.18
85. Torrential Reiterator12.19.18
86. Don't Touch My Newborn Baby01.03.19
87. Going Viral 207501.03.19
88. 10,000 Pounds01.03.19
89. Dear Meet the Dear Meat01.10.19
90. Speckled Mexican Lobsters01.10.19
91. I Might Break Dance on My Hippo's Body01.10.19
92. Punk Rock Vacationeer01.10.19
93. Mayan Tadpole Piss Party01.15.19
94. Euthanized in Newfoundland01.29.19
95. Rich Ladies Love to Whisper01.29.19
96. Famously Alone07.16.19