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This is a story about my good friend, lamb buckingham.

with without folly lamb emerged as a creative force, and not just the younger brother of lindsay, fleetwood mac guitar legend and author of such hit songs as "holiday road" from one of those national lampoon movies.

i met "La" (nickname) in 1984. pretty fitting, huh? we were fast friends. when he came out as a professional figure skater later that decade, i--like most everyone who was close to him--was pretty shocked. what would this mean for his music career?

try as he might, he could never "skate" away from the shadow of his big bro. when he committed suicide by zamboni at a minor league hockey game in 2001 (on 9/11 coincidentally), i was devastated. talk about a double whammy! gone were the two towers, and one giant looming figure from my life (taller than the towers, metaphor).

i'm so pleased that i have a chance to share what he created. and, as lamb would say, "you can skate your own way..." R.i.p. buddy :)

and one last thing before i go... if anyone has any about the 1996 concept album lamb recorded with his band woodfleet sack, room whores (cover below) please email the pizza pups inc. via jeffkkast @ gmail. thank you!!! i refuse to accept that this masterpeice recording has been lost to the seas of time!

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