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There are 99 tracks (56 actual different original songs spread onto 42 tracks and 57 five-second-long tracks of silence*) on this featured collection. It is close to two hours long in total. Every player who logged time for the 2008 New York Yankees professional baseball franchise is represented with a song, even total nobodies like Humberto Sanchez and Chris Stewart. The tracks go by the players' uniform numbers. For players who were up and down from the minors (eg, Phil Hughes) and others who just switched numbers for whatever reason (eg, Xavier Nady), multiple songs were written. Chris Britton wore four different numbers for the Yankees in 2008, which is just silly. the sportzblasters actually wrote four songs in 'honor' of this guy lol (and s/o to friend of the program mr. vernon howl for directing the music video for "Chris Britton (Part Four)" above).

The five seconds of silence* are for every unused number (eg, Mantle #7, the plain unwanted #81, etc.)--don't ask me why they did it this way, it's part of the 'concept' i guess.

*NOTE: these silent tracks originally included on the project have been removed in the current iteration on bandcamp because that was a hella dumb idea.