Headlines? Deadlines? Lifelines? Landlines? Smilelines? Timelines? Parallellines? Crookedlines? Linelines??? This a'Space is for a'Sale for a' the advertisements! is what I am a'Trying to Say! Inquire within, early and often... 💨🤢
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This the remnants of two separate projects actually: tracks 1-4 are from the beginnings (and abrupt ending!) of a project called "HUMAN HISTORY" that was going to be an abstract, voluminous century-by-century take on all of H.H. through the lens of demented lo-fi digital pop music. That I only got four songs deep into the very first century {the fairly arbitrary (? maybe not ?} 30th c. BC) is very telling, because––!DUH¡––by its very nature, the project was too expansive to ever be made real... *DEEP SIGH* (the above gif hopefully gives a little hint into what this was 'supposed' to be feel/be like.)

Track 5 is an unrelated banger, the lead single and opening track of a lost album called Lion Boy, which I have a concept, artwork and song titles (a double record: 46 songs in total!) all ready to go. I'll put that here, however, because it feels like it fits sonically and thematically and otherwise would be lost forever perhaps. And I'll start fresh with L.B. when and if... when and if... when and if... when and if... when and if...