Headlines? Deadlines? Lifelines? Landlines? Smilelines? Timelines? Parallellines? Crookedlines? Linelines??? This a'Space is for a'Sale for a' the advertisements! is what I am a'Trying to Say! Inquire within, early and often... 💨🤢
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Some say MC nothingness is italian but that is just racist jibber jabber. Many of this album's themes revolve around cultural differences, and the video for lead single "A Tokyo Jokester Broke My Heart, Sir" (featured above) is no exception. MC N appropriated an old advertisement for some sort of fire-safe paint and a video about a Japanese handwriting. The video and song are about finding away to defeat our cultural differences (extinguish them?) in our eternal search/struggle for locating love. Other themes to be found on this album: Jeff Bezos, videogames, human misery and misunderstanding, celebrity photoshop, the merits of success, and rampant consumerism.

Why buy a book when you can watch a book for free on YouTube? This is the great QUESTION of our times, man. That's why in connection with the release of this brand new EP, MC Nothingness is releasing the Videobook™ of same name. Suggested donation of $27.50 if you decide to click play above. Thank you.

The book version of 'All Truth is White and the Green Room is Red' is a series of art jpegs. Each page was created as a symbolic sister wife for each track on the album. Every track except the last track which is just a throwaway track used as a soundtrack for the movie you maybe clicked play on above. Did you click? Please consider making the donation if you did.

Praise him with loud cymbals
Praise him with cymbals
resounding and sound