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some say colog are masters of writing songs that really capture the essence which is the dust of everyday life, and not just because they previously released an ep with that title?! you wouldn't go around saying radiohead are experts on pools, now would you? (lil secret, though: they are.) but besides being huge fans of that metallica/lou reed album, they are also really great humanitarians. which means they like to eat humans, i think. I don't know... they gave me this text and told me they would eat me if I didn't post it, so here we are.

but enough about my lovelife (wink wink), this release is truly notable for its lead single, "I wanna kiss donald trump on the lips." a controversial pro-trump song, it nonetheless shot to the top of the charts, most notably in canada, where it was #1 on the hot maple syrup for 17 months straight.