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mi daddy, mr. v.h. (vern) haz this 2 say of LP26:

❝ This album took about 2-4 years to complete. Well, actually it took about 19 days. I started it one week a long time ago, totally forgot about it, then finished it very recently in about two weeks. It builds on the success (failure) of the full-proof (completely unreliable) formula (formula?) employed on such earlier P.P. classics like A Bright and Shiny Cure for Sexual Cancer and The Dingo. Meaning that it only seems to be about nothing because it is only revealing about < 10% of the story in fragmented, non-linear narrative (and sometimes, oftentimes [?], figurative) bursts.

LOL ok, sure, whatever THAT means, right?
but let's talk about something else a bit more pressing, shall we... ⬅︎this artwork on the left was the original (hilarious) album cover for K.B. i would never say nothin' to disparage my grandad vernon howl, but i think i can safely say that taking over the reigns of the art department was the best decision i ever made. anyway, this one is pretty good. give it a listen.