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El Lee, often stylized as '≡L L≡≡' and by "often" I mean always (this is maybe the first time I've discussed the origin of this offshoot's band monicker, and by "offshoot" I mean more off than shoot as we here at P.P.H.Q. have actually lost touch with Lee [real name: Leigh Strand] and would love an update if you got one). The original idea was to call her artist persona "The Least" as in "making art is the least thing you can do," which is something which Leigh believed in and so do I, truly I do. Then this got shortened to The Lee (a play on words with her name, duh) and eventually, some Spanish: El Lee. And by the time she was readying Pizza Puppies collective material, it was the very cool-looking ≡L L≡≡. Leigh would often pronounce it as a single word, quickly, like "Ellie." She said her mom's name was Eleanor and that this was fitting. I agree. I miss her.

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