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With the Creation of www.weeklybooks.net, the Biblio is now officially CLOSED...

these are mostly web-based writing projects which will be archived here until further notice...

Alcoholics AnonymousArt for SaleBOOKEBookSaga, AKA Dick Comma dot MobiChocolate SufferingDarwin Vigorously Fills My WipeoutDubai DreamworldOn Selfies and, also, My FaceOrrville & AbandaPerformer PierThe PeruserSundry BogglesWith Onuni VerseA Year, a novel

these items were compiled in Book #34: small useful items...
44A 100% True Story about Life & Opportunity2001: The Real History of the USAAAir-Conditioned RoomBill of Rights.txtChewingCover letter for my application to become Google's new CEODemesneDemonDevoting One's Life to #YOLOEverything is wrong…female lacrosse playeri-ivJokesThe Label Just Says "X"MEATCOATScissorsSeven (Very) Short StoriesSham ConnectionsSlabStupid BabiesTaco NovelTiny NovelsUlcer TomWhat is the New Entertainment? 

these were adaptated as the following books...
BOOKSAGA: ~⅓ of 90 Days👉 WB35
The Children's Book for Adults👉 WB36
Greyer Smythe, Sans-serif👉 WB36
Hank the Halloween Cat👉 WB36
The Law of 3s & 6👉 WB36
H E A V Y _ M E T A L S _ O N _ T A P👉 WB37
Popcorn Emoji: The Book👉 WB39
Poetry Wasteland👉 WB39
Insular Truisms👉  WB38

all future WORDS-THINGS will come out via www.weeklybooks.net * THANKS! *