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With the Creation of www.weeklybooks.net, the Biblio is now officially CLOSED...

these are mostly web-based writing projects which will be archived here until further notice...

20 Six-Line PoemsAlcoholics AnonymousArt for SaleBOOKEBookSaga, AKA Dick Comma dot MobiChocolate SufferingDarwin Vigorously Fills My WipeoutDubai Dreamworld(Not) MagnoliaOn Selfies and, also, My FaceOrrville & AbandaPerformer PierThe PeruserSundry BogglesWith Onuni VerseA Year, a novel

these items were compiled in Book #34: small useful items...
44A 100% True Story about Life & Opportunity2001: The Real History of the USAAAir-Conditioned RoomBill of Rights.txtChewingCover letter for my application to become Google's new CEODemesneDemonDevoting One's Life to #YOLOEverything is wrong…female lacrosse playeri-ivJokesThe Label Just Says "X"MEATCOATScissorsSeven (Very) Short StoriesSham ConnectionsSlabStupid BabiesTaco NovelTiny NovelsUlcer TomWhat is the New Entertainment? 

these were adaptated as the following books...
BOOKSAGA: ~⅓ of 90 Days👉 WB35
The Children's Book for Adults👉 WB36
Greyer Smythe, Sans-serif👉 WB36
Hank the Halloween Cat👉 WB36
The Law of 3s & 6👉 WB36
H E A V Y _ M E T A L S _ O N _ T A P👉 WB37
Popcorn Emoji: The Book👉 WB39
Poetry Wasteland👉 WB39
Insular Truisms👉  WB38

all future WORDS-THINGS will come out via www.weeklybooks.net * THANKS! *