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What is this website?

Great Q, dude! This website's motto is "100% CANADIAN WEBSITE, 100% AMERICAN CONTENT." It is hosted at .ca, which means Dot Canada, or viva la Canada. But its full URL is www.MyAmeri.ca. It is the official home of My America Industries, the parent company of The Pizza Puppies Art Collective, and in association with vernonhowl.com, another "totally awesome content farm on this family farm of content farms" (currently on hiatus). We cover all kinds of interesting topics here there and everywhere, topics like "Did I See a Dead Baby Squirrel Today or Not?" and lately I have been trying to use it more in the way one might use the popular microblogging platform Twitter (for example) because doing it this way ya still get ALL the taste and (at least!) HALF the fat. (UPDATE: I guess I stopped doing this at some point but doing it elsewhere you might find is also a delicious diet option.)

What are The Pizza Puppies?

The Pizza Puppies (see logo on right) are fluid group of bands and artists. There are countless members of The Pizza Puppies: side projects, subgroups, anonymous entities, fakes and fakers, you name it. Check out the ARTISTS tab to check out these 100% real band names and individuals' god-given names. The only requirement or pre-req for becoming/being a member is that you like pizza and also puppies and make art. Duh. So, you know, just chuck over a digital message if you want a piece of this action and by "piece of this action" I mean $0.00 (US) and minimal recognition/respect for being on this "Record Label™."

Who are YOU?

Who wants to know? JK. I'm Justin Jefferson (sometimes known as "Just Jeff" or "Jeff") and I am the President + CEO of My America Industries, as well as the Curator/Creative Director of The Pizza Puppies Art Collective. I am mostly a podcaster and curator, but I am also a client (blogmaster) and noted septuagenarian influencer. My official podcasting days are over with but you can check out an archive here and you can follow my day-to-day blogworthy items, musings, the occasional pod, vblogs, and more via LIFECAST.INFO, my photos, and also the arts/cutlure blog shrimpkardashian (now retired) and sp0rtsbr0 (sports only content; semi-retired). I own the Twitter account @ingesting but it is inactive and that place is HeLL and I try not to look at it / social media in general (except my own haha) but: DISCIPLINE. I also own and operate the movie review site CINEMA CENTRAL 666, fka MovieJeff.com. I am generally a pretty friendly person who likes music and sports and art and weird stuff. Let's be pals. OK, sure. I'd like that. My splirit animal was the red-tailed hawk but it's currently the saiga antelope (as seen in the official Pizza Puppies logo above and artist photo left and eleswhere: planet earth). What's your splirit animal?

A Note About Vernon Howl

We are legally obliged to link to the hellsite that is vernonhowl.com (currently on extended hiatus due to unrelated legal issues) — I cannot get into the specifics of the specifics, but I can say a few things: Vernon Howl (the person) is my former business partner. I bought his stake in My America Industries in the late middle 00s (~1993-2017). Suffer ice to say, our relationship is complicated. He's not my dad, though. Stop saying that. Vernon is a tremendous artist and even though he has been banned from most major platforms and almost fully cancelled in the culturesphere, I still consider him my friend. He is responsible for the books and I am jealous I can't write them good like him. He invented weeklybooks.net (now Weakly Books Inc.) at some point in the future and has been future-retroactively publishing books of all stripes over the last (~0) years (it's hard to quantify any of this since his release/life calendar is not based on human time; sometimes the books seem to disappear as we add to the years and vice versa). I am proud to help promote Vernon Howl's writing as it is often challenging and always engaging and, though I do wish he and I were closer (we played in many of the Pizza Puppies offshoot bands together.... once upon a time), I will always stand by Vernon Howl's god-given Canadian-American right to create. Vernon has new music on the way, potentially, as well, so he tells me. We still talk. Sometimes. No matter what, if Evil truly is the "swansong" of his musical life then boy oh boy what a swansong! (666 Tracks, 13 Hours and 13 Minutes— yeah methinks that's a "swansong") But, let me reiterate: I abhor his content farm and personal web zone and general FauxEdgeLord demeanor, but I HAVE NO CHOICE but to promote it here at MyAmeri.ca. (Also, no, I have no comment on "milk blade" and I fear that person and their influence on my old friend *sad emoji*)

A lot of the projects associated with this website/Pizza Puppies etc. are in a state of what one might call "disarray" but I am getting dangerously close to this not being the case. Organizing/curating this is a HUGE amount of work and I have a day job and also two kids and a dog who is on death's doorsteps (RIP frank) and just get off my back OK! I'm sorry, I don't mean to yell. What I'm trying to say is that I hope to have a lot of NEW stuff coming soon beyond the post zone stuff: more polished stuff, cool stuff, raw stuff. There is a dropdown menu at the top of this page which has a fairly massive and continuously growing list of all 'finished' projects. So, please, by all means, do some clicking and also some web-surfing. I love you and have a terrific day.