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What is this website?

Great Q, dude! This website's motto is "100% CANADIAN WEBSITE, 100% AMERICAN CONTENT." It is hosted at .ca, which means Dot Canada, or viva la Canada. But its full URL is www.MyAmeri.ca. It is the official home of My America Industries, the parent company of The Pizza Puppies Art Collective and Myspace the Podcast (see logo on left), and in association with vernonhowl.com. It is a totally awesome family of content farms, posting upwards of 2-87+ blog posts a day on all kinds of interesting topics, like "Did I See a Dead Baby Squirrel Today or Not?" You can subscribe to the RSS via Feedly by clicking this crab: πŸ¦€

What are The Pizza Puppies?

The Pizza Puppies (see logo on right) are fluid group of bands and artists. There are countless members of The Pizza Puppies: side projects, subgroups, anonymous entities, fakes and fakers, you name it. Check out the ARTISTS tab on the Discog or the bibliography on the Bookcog to check out these 100% real band names and individuals. The only requirement or prereq for becoming/being a member is that you like pizza and also puppies. So, you know, just email me if you want a piece of this action and by "piece of this action" I mean $0.00 (US) and minimal recognition/respect.

Who are YOU?

Who wants to know? JK. My name is Jeff and I am the President + CEO of My America Industries, as well as the Curator/Creative Director of The Pizza Puppies Art Collective. I am mostly a podcaster and curator, but I am also a client (blogmaster). You can find my podcast deets here and you can follow me on Tumblr at shrimpkardashian and on Twitter at @sp0rtsbr0 (sports only content) & @ingesting (highly sporadic non-sports content) and also @MyAmericaPosts (which is just a links aggregator. I am generally a pretty friendly person who likes music and sports and art and weird stuff. Let's be pals. OK, sure. I'd like that. My spirit animal was the red-tailed hawk (as seen in headshot on left) but it's currently the saiga antelope (as seen in the official Pizza Puppies logo above and eleswhere planet earth). What's your spirit animal?

A lot of the projects associated with this website/Pizza Puppies etc. are in a state of what one might call "disarray." Organizing/curating this is a HUGE amount of work and I have a day job and also a kid and a dog and just get off my back OK! I'm sorry, I don't mean to yell. There is a dropdown menu over on the righthand column of this page which has a fairly massive and continuously growing list of all 'finished' projects. So, please, by all means, do some clicking and also some web-surfing. I love you and have a terrific day.