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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2 dreams i had last night (& a new mantra)

Dream #1

I am on some kind of large bus, like a double-decker bus, with my friend Chris and others, I think. We are traversing over a long bridge that is low on top of the bay, maybe the ocean. It is almost a part of the water. I'm very frightened as it appears unlikely that this vehicle will not submerge. I wake up as we get closer to what appears to be a very futuristic version of Atlantic City (I know, in the dream, that this is Atlantic City, but it looks fantastical tall, tight and bright, and nothing like the actual Atlantic City).

Dream #2

I am on what might be some kind of island with my friend Dan who, in this dream, resembles the actor Owen Wilson so much so that I assume perhaps they are the same person (in this dream logic). We are conducting some kind of SNL-inspired 'joke' on the people of this island (similar to the "man on the street" humor Kyle Mooney does). The 'joke' here has something to do with finding a wife and Billy Joel. I can't recall the specifics but this Owen Wilson character is asking random women a question about Billy Joel in hopes that they'll return an answer that means they are a perfect match. I feel confused when I try to remember the specifics about the 'joke' or why it was funny at all. But I remember laughing uncontrollably in the dream when one woman answered 'correctly' and the punchline was revealed. I remember I found it both hilarious and seriously poignant.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Speaking of dreamsΰΈ°ΰΈ°ΰΈ°

I did a dream catalog the other day. Also had some weird ones last night (one scary, one sexy, both WEIRD πŸ˜‰)ΰΈ°ΰΈ°ΰΈ°

Thursday, September 6, 2018


DREAMLOG ~5:14AM | 09-06-18 (THU)

I am biking on a beach on an island. When I realize that I won't be able to get back to where I come from before dark, I panic. Then I see a dolphin walking, bipedal style, like using its fluke as feet. It looks like a little person in a plastic suit from a fairly realistic movie about small, walking dolphins. I feel a release, an almost perfect feeling. I wake up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Forgotten dream??

This Story Was Originally Written/Published on 03.19.11
πŸ”Ί warning: it is from the realm of dreams πŸ”Ί

I am on a plane. This plane is definitely crashing. But am I the cause? A few moments early I accidentally hit a button while looking out the window, and it seems to have caused this. I am with a friend, I think it's my friend Brendan. He says something about going to upstate New York, maybe. I did not know this is where we were going. The plane is far too low to the ground. I momentarily feel that I am going to die and it feels peaceful. However, out of nowhere, a runway appears. We touch ground. The pilot's voice announces that he is sorry we had to do an emergency landing but that we should still hold on, that something is still wrong. The plane is no longer on the runway. We are in the woods and then a maybe part of a very rural town with lots of non-symmetrical architecture. Everything is a blur. Are we dying? Is this too much? Eventually we stop moving. I don't know how, but I am magically outside of the plane, which is now a wrecked piece of metal stuck to a giant slab of concrete. A horde of townspeople or airport employees come running towards the plane. They are screaming for the people inside to stay calm, but they are so panicky and excited that they sound like they are speaking in tongues. They seem to all be wearing navy blue jumpsuits. I want to help. Somehow a blue and yellow, flaccid tube shoots out of one of the windows. Its material and style remind me of an outdated windbreaker jacket. It is not dissimilar to one of those dancings things they fill with air outside of used car lots. People enter into this thing one at a time and it becomes an unwilling cocoon. They squirm and need help to free themselves. I do not know what has happened to the people in the matching navy blue jumpsuits. It seems I am alone. I help a few people out of the tube. It feels like this thing is a womb, that this plane is a gigantic woman, that this is childbirth. I am the doctor. Then I hear the sounds of another body emerging but this time it is different. The lump at the bottom of the tube is small and not moving. I look down the sheath and see a baby. It is difficult but I pluck the baby out and lay her on the grass. I am concerned about this baby.

Eventually, I don't remember how, I am carrying the baby through a hospital, down cavernous halls, aimlessly and without purpose. The halls are unnaturally wide and tall. It feels like it is a hospital in a very depressed area, everything is stagnant and dirty. The baby girl's eyes are a kind of blue that is not exist in real eyes in real life. I must have put her in a shoebox because that is what she is in, but I don't remember doing that. I stop a few people and tell them what happened, why I am carrying a strange baby in a shoebox, but no one is of any help. They seem irritated by my asking. It seems like this hospital is nearly vacant. I can hear echos. I am terrified but oddly happy that I have this new baby in a shoebox in my arms. She is all smiles and baby laughing.

Some amount of time passes and I see my girlfriend outside one of the rooms. In real life my girlfriend loves babies, has very recently become an aunt, but she acts indifferent towards me and the baby, maybe even a little pissed off. I am confused. I am losing control. It is becoming like the crashing plane again. We get into a fight and insult one another. I must have put the shoebox down. It gets heated. It is the worst fight we have ever had. Where is the shoebox? Eventually, suddenly, we are naked. And we begin to have sex. I don't know what has become of the baby. I don't know what is going on. I wake up.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Gonna write about a dream I had last night if that's OK.
So I am hanging with a friend of mine who, in this dream, is apparently a standup comic who is either already a writer on SNL or is gonna possibly be involved with SNL in some way (?). Anyway––again, in this dream––I also have dreams of being on SNL apparently. So this friend gets me a weird meeting with some head honcho type at SNL, but it's only a pre-meeting. And I am sitting on a couch with two random people and my friend, and the only point of this meeting is that the guy behind the desk is going to pick two of us for a pre-audition "improv session" and it is very tense. I can recall talking a lot with my friend about what exactly the point of improv is and why people enjoy (disclosure: I can't stand it IRL).

The two random people on this couch are a nondescript lady and an Asian man, who is maybe a few years younger than me. Oh, and here's the real kicker in this dream: I AM PART-ASIAN. I am not sure how/why I am aware of this fact (which is not at all a reality FYI) but in this dreamworld, I am. So, the first person picked for this thing is my friend and that choice seems like a foregone conclusion to everybody in the room like, "yeah of course, duh, he's gonna get picked." The real tense part is who among myself and the two strangers will be picked and it feels like it is definitely gonna be either me or the other Asian guy (LOL). And––surprise!––it's me! The other Asian guy is devastated but I feel elated. Let's do some improv!

So of course, the next part of the dream involves getting on a school bus with a seemingly deranged female bus driver with wild hair. My friend is on the bus, as are a few other familiar faces, some of whom question the authenticity of my being part-Asian, which makes sense because in reality I AM NOT AT ALL ASIAN NO NO NO NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. But, alas, I continue to defend myself. The bus makes its way out of the city and into a very hilly and picturesque countryside, and maybe at this point I am confused why I am even on this bus to begin with. Maybe, in fact, these were two separate dreams and I am just synching them together in the stress of my waking life, right here and now, a desperate attempt to make sense of this absurdity. Who knows.

As previously stated, this bus driver is insane and she is driving insane. We are speeding. We are going way too fast. We approach a steep decline at a great velocity and the bus takes off into the air. It feels very real, this wreck. The bus does a straight-on 180° flip and lands upside down. This flip feels like it takes 15 seconds. While we are airborne I wrap myself around one of the bus seatbacks like an animal on a tree trunk and I literally pray I won't die. Someone on the bus audibly says, in an eerily calm voice, "Well, this is it." This IS it, fella. It feels like we are all going to die, but when the bus comes to a stop, almost everyone is alive and screaming.

I lead the charge to get the F off this bus. It's pretty chaotic and people are bleeding. I kick open a window and deploy one of those slide-thingies you typically see people using on downed airliners. Why would a bus have this thingie? Please. But the thingie is basically useless and doesn't even fully inflate. A man who looks like Penn from Penn & Teller yells at me for doing it wrong. My leg hurts. I can't win. I wake up.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I had a dream where I cried my eyes out. And when I woke up, my eyes were wet.