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adapted for/featured in book #34

9/11 is tomorrow
Oh hell yes
Gonna never forget
Never forget again
Can't wait to
Not forget to
Never forget
I think about all the people
Who have gotten Alzheimer's or dementia
Since that day
Perfect weather in September
They have no choice
But to forget to never forget again
And what about the babies?
Stupid babies
Born in the late 90s
Or later
After 9/11 even
Post-millennial whatever we're calling them
They think they have a choice
But the choice is not their own
Their never forgetting
Is different
We ask them to never forget
A thing they have no memory of
They're not so different
From the people
Who have gotten Alzheimer's or dementia
Since that day
But they don't get a pass
Because their brains are not rotten
Not rotten yet
It seems to me
That 9/11 is never likely
To become a cool holiday
Like the 4th of July
Well at least for awhile
At least until a few hundred years
Have passed
When we have no choice
But to forget
To forget and then remember
Some idea
That will replace the memory
With a feeling
And it might be a good feeling
Or a complex feeling
Who knows?
I'll be
Long dead
By then