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adapted for/featured in book #34

i honestly can't remember if i posted this anywhere before; sorry if i did...

I have a lot of the phobias. But perhaps my biggest is my fear of scissors. My sister told me to just take a whole bunch of scissors down to the local gym and slam-dunk them all. But I'm not tall enough to dunk. So I first went down to Dick's Sporting Goods (which is a nice store) and I bought a mini-trampoline. I took the big bucket full of scissors and the tramp down to the gym and set them up in the paint, about two feet from the rim. It feels good to dunk those things and hear the crash of their medal against the wood floor.✄

When I was done I gave the tramp to a small crippled boy. He thank me profusely. I know he could never use it but I think he probably just liked being thought of as a real person who appreciates getting gift just like anybody else. I often think of the Moon when I'm depressed like the cripple boy’s legs. I think of the Moon because it is so high up and mysterious. I wonder if the Moon landing was fake or not. People say that Stanley Kubrick filmed it in a movie studio. I don't know if that's true or not but it's definitely something to think about. Who cares if it was faked or not? It’s still pretty cool in my book. It would be fun to play baseball on the Moon also.