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For just $5 SIX DOLLARS AND SIXTY-SIX SENSE!!! dollars I––SkyKid, The Pizza Puppies' most popular member (the 'cute one' so they say)––will write and record an original song JUST FOR YOU*. CLICK THAT $5 SIX DOLLARS AND SIXTY-SIX SENSE!!! DOLLA BILL OR RIGHT HERE WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! (Also available to purchase via ebay.com)

Be sure to include the title of the song and/or a theme, other ideas/notes, your favorite chord progression, etc. I'm open to anything. If you just want me to write you a random song without any input on your end, I can do that too!

These Custom Songs come complete in both AIF and MP3 form and will include original cover art (JPEG) and lyrics sheet. You should receive this via email no less than 2 weeks after ordering.

Also, don't forget... you can get a free custom song each and every month (what?!) when you become a ¢lub 333 Subscriber. That's right: get instant access to every song, now and forever + a 100-song rock opera written in your honor for just $3.33/month here.

*We here at My America Industries, representing The indomitable Pizza Puppies collective, reserve the right to use this song on an album or EP or single at a later time, but don't worry, it will still be *your's* in all of our hearts, now and till the end of the time :-)

†Previously just $5, but in this economy?? Please. We hope you understand our price increase.