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Monday, November 14, 2022

🇮🇹 CLYFF (or Cliff or CLFF or Clyffino {Italian Cliff}): pre-order my new book right now! 🇮🇹

ve gotten STUPID-lee behind on my ole BOOK WEBSITE TEE_HEE but I remain steadfast and after having been gran-TED(talk) the approval by My Superiors™ (me brains is all) to "Get the Go-Ahead" on writing — ... wait for it ... — one book every single day this week to "KETCHUP" (umm u wan 🍟 with that lol) ?? wel the first one'll be here HIMminetly that is when HERstory goes wrong i guess anyway it's on everyone's favorite topic id politix haa no it aint' here's an EX-SYRUP... for the True-Heads...
When the scientists who only study birds get the desire to kill they swim out into the ocean and murder giant whales by stuffing their blowholes with down blankets. They hate whales because they don’t grow any hair inside their bodies.
Apologies to all the pixel babies out there herein and wherever: i mean ah'no disrespect!