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Monday, March 25, 2019

i just got a haircut

and i'd like 2 stress upon 2 points (if i could)

#1 - anxiety
this lady, let's call her lady finger cutters, could sense my g.a. (general anxiety)––she was S0 attuned this that it made me even more anxious; whenever i cleared my throat (a thing i do when i feel anxious b/c it feels like i can't swallow etc.) she said "are u ok?" she was very nice and seemed genuinely concerned if not confused/put-off in an alarmed way. i don't know man, i really do want to relax but maybe it's not happening for ole jeff @ age 37, which made me think...

#2 - i can do this on my own (can i do this on my own?)
i have a razor at home that i am ok at using. maybe i could (once a week?) use the #3 setting and keep the sides/back of my head trimmed? is this is insane?