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Friday, January 11, 2019


I wanted to point out 31 websites I own that I have been updating again in 2019. The first and perhaps best is D-A-D.SPACE, which is where I post a "Drawing a Day" (D-A-D). These drawings are gifs I make in the Snapchat app for some reason. OK? Click the jump for more.

A song a day? SURE! It's everydaysongz.com and it's back using mostly the same garbage appropriated video style I've been using for awhile. (GOOD 2 GO)

This image is not a current image from the hit website dickcomma.mobi, because I am not 'writing books' on that site in 2019. I'm making short animated movies that are just as bad! Check em out!

UPDAET...the seas of shit (2020) have swept 2 of these (dad space + dick comma) into the, umm, them, apart of umm, yea the seas of shit