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Thursday, September 14, 2017

I just recorded a podcast about my fear of giving up content consumption (Ep. 294), and I just wanted to add/clarify is that a big part of my fear is missing things I genuinely want to consume. For example, the new LCD record was far too ubiquitous to 'miss'; I could give up RSS readers and still get those 'scoops'. But something else, like the new Sparks record?? It's great! Would I have known about it, if I wasn't on the music blogs and whatnot? IDK! This is the unknown that drives me cray-cray sometimes. I'm not sure there's a good answer / right-wrong. I think, best case scenario, is I can just limit this to like 15-30 min. a day. We'll see. This week has been one for new beginnings for me; I don't want to begin to many new things at once because then they'll end at once and it will be even darker and scarier than before. Peace and gob blessings.