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Thursday, June 16, 2016

B R E A K I N G »

The next *new* Pizza Puppies record––as in: created in 2016––is almost finished! It's an EP (catalog #302, Series 4) called All Truth is White and the Green Room is Red. The first single is "A Tokyo Jokester Broke My Heart, Sir" and that is the video you are witnessing with your eyeballs above. This is a good (and weird!) one!! I'm excited about it. There is also a book of image macros and a 'videobook' set to the music of a special bonus song "Jobflesh (Videbook Bonus iSong)" which is actually just the last track on the EP. Depending on whether or not Game 6 of the NBA Finals is a stinker or not, I might even finish and release this puppy tonight. (If not, then early next week.) Stay tuned!

the ep's tracklist

1 Atari Marxists
2 A Tokyo Jokester Broke My Heart, Sir
3 How Timid is Your News? / The Gaijin Times
4 Pop Rock Nazi Dropkicks (To the Dome, c. 2004)
5 Amazonaws or タむダ火災
6 RGB (Red with Embarrassment, Green with Envy, Blue with Everything Else Eternal)
7 KΓΈnnichi Why?
8 Jobflesh (Videobook Bonus iSong)

more info on this music video

Many of this album's themes revolve around cultural differences, and the
video for "A Tokyo Jokester Broke My Heart, Sir" is no exception. I appropriated
an old advertisement for some sort of fire-safe paint and a video about a Jap-
anese handwriting. The video and song are about finding away to defeat our cult-
ural differences (extinguish them?) in our eternal search/struggle for locating