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Monday, September 14, 2015

Caring about things in a vacuum

Life is about entertainment.

Do I have news for you. Why go around like a darn fool the whole livelong day thinking that you have to 'like' or 'understand' things within the context of THE HOT TAKE. For example, you can watch a sports game and sing a song about the sports game instead of reading all the hot takes and/or finding out which star quarterback will be doing homeruns in a prisonyard instead of the ballpark now that the music video drops where he his punching the lights out of a baby kangaroo.

You can also just watch all of / read all of / listen to all of [insert direct/author/musician]'s oeuvre in chronological or alphabetical (more fun?) order. Finding the stuff online is half the fun.

Maybe you're thinking, "how will I know about the next thing to consume without reading the takes on the original thing?" I'm not saying you need to eliminate all takes, just the HOT TAKES. Signs that you've just consumed a HOT TAKE vs. a regular take (via an acceptable content channel) include: a burning anxiety about the thing and how the thing is being perceived by the general public, moral grandstanding of any nature, a sense of deep regret over having wasted time, and so much more.


Just because you can care about things in a vacuum––and if you've made it past the title of this post then, rest assured, you have by full support as far as that matter is concerned––doesn't mean you can vacuum Carry. Carry is a person (and my friend) and is not suitable for vacuuming.

Actually, come to think of it, the phrase "in a vacuum" seems weird to be. Vacuums are for garbage, dirt and dust, right? Oh wait, that is actually perfect for what I'm getting at.

E V E R Y T H I N G ~is~ M E A N I N G L E S S