t r a c k • o n e

(This has not been proofread
By degenerate robots
in sloganeering)

Taser me with bologna
I am the Sheriff
Call me Sharif in the sheets
It's quasi to hesitate
And sloppy to psuedo
Replicating toes on poodles
And other large dogs
Oh look at the fog!
Moribund porpoise rump
Infantilizing shrimp cocktails
Bobcat kites
End of the song
End of a life
Same thing so make it right
You have the power
So take the chance
Paris is the best
City in France
Let's go there
With beat-boxing Brits
Sister-wife senators
And spoiled-ass kids
Hip-hop is a lifestyle
Style for bunny rabbits in vitro
Fab foot model in Seattle is seeking
A dominatrix tabletop
It don't talk
Its chin's dripping blood
You gave it free cable
It only wanted back rub