I can't bring myself to close the tab that has open the Trolls 2 Wikipedia page

Some beginnings are an ending.

Where are we? Where are we at?

I am constantly in a stage of reset. Stage IV Reset. Today I have 30 squares, a basketball, a pump and the little need you need to pump up the basketball. The 30 squares are unrelated to the basketball et al, insomuch as everything is unrelated to everything else. They are more connected than ever perhaps.

I call health HELLth because it sure can feel like that. Why does doing good for oneself feel bad? We are losing a battle against the instant gratification battalion and it isn't even close. But I have a fannypack to house a mifi and a a dollar store armband to house a cracked iPhone 4. I'm ready. I only have ideas.

In the 30 squares I will eventually fill in. Blank white spaces will become colored with fonts that will change daily. There are more than 30 fonts but there are only 30 squares. Again: unrelated and the same. Reality is reality is fiction. What I say I'll do is different than what I'll do but that it could be identical is half the battle.

The original file name for the 30 squares is 8275529, true discordance. How funny. The truest things often are.

Now the most pressing question in my life is whether or not I should shoot hoops before or after eating 50% off grocery store sushi. This is perfection. Perfection is the place.


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