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my latest Snapchat Stories exported video
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Hey there folks. Announcement time. I'm altering the way I share Snapchatzzz in a post-Android world. From hurr on oot, all snaps will be essentially 'songs' or, ya know, what I'm saying is that I'll be counting them as 'songs' and they'll eventually show up on an album of 'songs' that is like one million songs or something who knows.

Here is the YT-export playlist, to be shutdown when it reaches one million videos and/or 100 views.

EXTRANEOUS NOTE U REALY DONT HAVE 2 READ: Part of this decision also has to do with the new Vimeo storage cap. Free accounts can only house up to 5GB of material and I had to delete like 90 videos just to post the stupid above. It's a shame since VIMEO.COM/VH1 is my absolute #1 best URL/handle grab. Oi Well.


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