On 'the new money' ($10.40)

I been using the $ tag for awhile, albeit inconsistently and in an inconsistent manner. But I finally got my finances in order and all my cc balances current at a big beautiful ZERO, bb! So, from henceforth on forward and so on, let this be the definitive post when it all started to change. Allow me to welcome you to the math of my brain (soul) ...

So I have roughly $1,228 in bills each month. This includes around $220 in student loans and my mortgage half which is $775. The rest are cable, cellphones for my wife and I, $10 Planet Fitness, etc. etc. You know, bills... right? I've decided to (try to) put away $300 each month into my savings account which currently has a whopping $3.25 in it. So bills + savings = $1,558. OK great.

I roughly pull in $2,518 via my paycheck and a couple other small-amount freelance things I bill monthly. I say "roughly" because (obviously) the biggest chunk of that is my bi-weekly pay stub which doesn't work out perfectly to "monthly" just by counting it twice per month like a dumb person like me would do (and is doing). But... #Whatevz. If anything my system should result in a (small) surplus if, you know, it works.

So, where was I... after bills+savings, the difference is $960 a month in "FREE MONEY." Obviously, this is not "FREE MONEY" but just the "money that I have." AKA the money I will be buying food with and [literally everything else]. This feels like a fine amount of money but who knows? I really don't buy too much shit. I'm going to (starting RIGHT NOW!) adhere to a system of $1000 in "FREE MONEY" that I can't exceed, and thusly will be tracking all spending/purchases here on this live, public webpage (for some godforsaken reason).

Because the month is nearly half over, I'm gonna say I have $500 to spend. OK, great. The above $10.40 is for a concert I'm seeing tonight (Purling Hiss @ Kungfu Necktie) so 500-10.40=

Ta-da! The January Bank still has a decent amount of money it it! Wow what a great system. I should really package this up and build a startup around it or something. Financial Guru Jeff, out!


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