My picks (mostly on this early game; I might post more later about the Vikes/Iggles), in four parts…

So I'm leaning Jags/Under as my plays. Part of me thinks that this Brady injury is entirely fictional. That they are duping the Jags intro prepping differently (total focus on shutting down the run / short passing game) in order to minimize their pass rush and open it up downfield early. If Brady isn't hampered then all bets are off btw. We'll see.

I made this bet immediately after the Saint/Vikes game a week ago. Let's call it my "contrarian parlay" because I'm almost entirely off all these sides right now. Would be nice and very lucky to hit if all else fails.

These bets are sucker bets. I know. If you think the Jags are gonna win then you'd be better off playing the ML straight with more dough (paying better than 2-1 currently). But if you don't feel like risking a ton then these can be fun. Put it this way: I've got $21 total on these; if the Jags win by 4-13 points than I'll clear more cash than if I'd just put $21 on the moneyline. C'est la vie.

These props are 100% devoted to the "Tom will be hampered" way of thinking and the Jags' preparation therein. Nothing more, nothing less.

Good luck out there, friends!


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