Some backstory here? Why not.

I thought it would be funny to show off a dumb video of me singing one of my acapella song creations on a cracked iPhone 4––which, at this point, are automatic reflexes and more of a nuisance than anything else, but I digress––and then I thought it would be funnier if I put something random and creepy on the screen of my iMac like so it seemed that it was just something I happened to be looking at when I decided to do this dumb thing, and my initial choice was tentacle porn (a nod to this) and I actually recorded one with tentacle porn in the background (just a screen featuring the initial results of a google image search for "tentacle porn") but I second-guessed myself, thinking that was too gross, and went with 9/11 instead. Voila. THAT HOW THE SAUSAGE GET MADE Y'ALL.


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