I'm really happy with how this one turned out and I wish it were a real album. I want to make it real. I have a lot of work ahead of me. The road will be a hard one but I can do it. That is Steph Curry's brother there on the cover but I effed him pretty good in Photoshop because I felt bad for him having to be there, not because I love him or hate him. It's not because I love him or hate him. My feelings for Seth Curry are indifferent, negligible, gone. He seems fine. What team is he on now? The Kings? I didn't even know he played for Duke, did I? Didn't I? I was going to put a symbol or something on his blue jersey after I edited out the number and school name but I knew getting it to look alright (believable) on the creases and folds of the uniform would take longer than I felt like I wanted it to take. That happens sometimes. I could go on... but I could've written 15% of the album's lyrics by now and that's depressing.