The End of Things

had a drem last night that was spooky if not overtly surreal;;; it was an odd flock of friends of in Las Vegas and i had the inkling ''t h i n g s'' were going "w/o me!?" and the horror of being left out struck a deep chord (3 lightning bolt emojis, please)

my one friend who i don't really see that often or really talk to, and frankly haven't for awhile, told me that the party they (the rest of them?? who??) were going to wasn't going to be a ''g o o d _ f i t'' for me. i took umbrage. began rattling off facts on why he was wrong ("I do like to dance!") but then it ended in a sad declaration that this other guy who also maybe wasn't going to the party was still a great friend (not really, tho) and that's that. that's that.

the spookiest of drems, somewhat real even.