PSYCH4K: Episode 1 (11-8-17)

In this debut episode of PSYCH4K (prognosticating the score of Pitchfork record reviews), I go 2-2; finishing with a score of +2. I hit Maroon 5's new one within reason; was off my one full point with the reissue of a record I didn't know. Guessed Peter Oren's Anthropocene exactly. And missed the new James Holden album (a record I've listened to in part) by 0.7.


SCORING SYSTEM: Guesses exact = +2 POINTS | Guesses within 0.5 = +1 POINT | Guesses within 0.6-1.0 = -0.5 POINT | Guesses 1.1+ points off = -1.0 POINT