On the 22nd and 23rd of August I did something; this is that something.



I'm lying on the bathroom floor having not worked out this is something I'm gonna lie about to my wife I'll say I did a short run it's dumb and meaningless this lie. I consider the ๐Ÿฆ‡ emoji. Beautiful.

I'm really going to go for it now in the here and now and by that I mean true confidence of demeanor and bliss which is inside me and Judy needs to be unleashed.

I'm listening to the new Grizzly Bear ๐Ÿป album. I thought the bathroom Bluetooth speaker didn't play music anymore because it got ducked up from the ๐Ÿšฟ steam but it sounds pretty good.

I'm unleashed. And it starts with control: bad sentences and control and control (mind/self).

Gonna shave then shower now. Goodbye lifenotes.

I'll show you a squiggly line bitch.


Watching Paw Patrol with Barb. The one with ๐Ÿ‘ฝ friends. They eff up gravity. It's weird.

Reading as I watch with her. She's eating a sliced up hot dog (I don't think Amy heated it), red bell pepper and cucumber.

Read a ๐Ÿ“– Zachary German book/PDF I found online called Thank You. It's short.


Amy is reading to Barb and soon we'll eat the buffalo-flavored beans and peppers she made atop quinoa. We'll prob watch Kimmy Season 3. The next episode looks good. It features the blonde character watching a Washington redskins game; we saw the still from it when we finished the previous episode the night before and we both noted that that it looked like a good one. I can't remember the name of the actress of the character right now that's why I called her "the blonde."

We got a new coffee ☕️ table.


Now Amy out with Frank and dinner was truly delicious. That episode of Kimmy equally so.

I just finished that "book" mentioned earlier by Zachary German. It was only 28 pages or so and not every page was full of text. It was good. A bit depressing but... IDK.

Feeling sleepy ๐Ÿ˜Œ tbh right now.

I am always feeling sleepy. My diet sucks that is one of the reasons I think. Also staring at screens can't help. Going to work on that. This is why I'm doing this one reason. I guess.

And I really did download the LiveJournal app lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ .


I just did a Periscope video feed from the @skikyd account on my cracked kindle fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ tablet and I filmed the recording with this phone using a super compressed video app that takes low resolution super small video and I think I'll post that video on my other twitter account tomorrow or later tonight when I take it off this phone because I can't now because I deleted twitter off this phone and that was the right call.

Disaster getting this LiveJournal account shit set up. I think just writing in Notes is the best bet then in fifty years I'll publish all of this. Hell yea!

This was weird.

That LJ experiment was a disaster. Not the answer! Gonna watch next episode of new Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix; it's 10:11 and Amy is in kitchen doing reorganizing stuff.


Weird synergy here. German mentioned this writer in that PDF and in Wet Hot (episode 6) they mention him too. I've never heard of him.



Well here's a ducking list (what is it?):

- [x] Coffee, Concord ๐Ÿ‡ 
- [x] Drop off -> post office
- [x] Work stuff (ALL)
- [x] ๐Ÿ 
- [x] Get cash 140. Lotto. 
- [ ] Old clothes drop off. 
- [x] Thrift shop. 
- [ ] 60m stairs. What. 
- [x] Build picnic table. 
- [x] Quinoa. 
- [ ] Art plan and org. 
- [x] Shower. 
- [ ] Dinner. 
- [ ] Night art. 
- [ ] 


Lying in bed. Fairly shitty sleep but par for the course. Amy got the monitor at like 7:50. I'm not sure if her getting the monitor woke me up or if I was already awake but I've been up since then thinking.

Last night sucked. I finished the entire season of Wet Hot (3.5 episodes) and went to bed at 12:45ish after eating three rice cakes topped with butter and Nutella.

Amy was up till near midnight herself, organizing the kitchen. The only time I went into help was when she was putting the plates back on the outlets and she screwed one up and I wanted to fix another one up first to better understand how the plates went on but then she started to fix that one and we got into an argument about that; honestly just trying to explain it with these words is annoying me and making me feel bad anxious feelings. The housework she has been doing or having people do and all the new shit she's purchased has been a great source of stress for me and subsequently our relationship.

Whatever. It's almost over. My biggest issue right now in my life is the fact that I've lost control over my eating/health. I'm close to 220lb whereas I've been anywhere between 202-212 mostly for years so this is a noticeable uptick imo.

Oh wow I just did a typo Uptick Imp and that would be a good name for a song.

My goal with this journal ๐Ÿ““ is to take control of my life re the lack of willpower when it comes to my doing bad shit that triggers an immediate pleasure response in my brain. I actually think the list I made is pretty good. But I honestly dread going to the gym now because all the cardio machines are in front of the hanging TVs and more than half of them seem to play cable news and it makes me depressed just catching a glance of what's happening or more accurately how they choose to frame what's happening. It's the same reason I deleted twitter. I wish I still watched CBS Sunday Morning and the only news I got was the six-minute segment Charles Osgood would do at the top of the show. That feels like enough and I trust him and how it was always presented. Flatly and without emotion.
Part of me just wants to workout at home in spurts during the day. But I'd miss that body cleansing deep sweat I get from doing the stairs. Running outside is an option still sure but then I can't really write or do art on my phone and that seems less and less like a good idea for my body/legs as I get older but I know that the last thing is an excuse even as I type it. I gotta get up. Carpe diem, it's 8:34.


Back from drop finishing a deuce looking at shit and making shit on my phone while I literally shit; this is the future our parents dreamed for. I made a video and I posted it to Instagram.

I think this Notes file exists in the cloud and not on my phone; I wonder how long I'll do it for (it's pretty personal).

Based on my schedule of events it's time to do the day job.

So far so good I gave my daughter a purple flower ๐ŸŒบ I picked off the fence by our house and she smiled a big smile even if it was a little too much like a big smile she was consciously trying to transmit it was still great and I legit smiled. A cynics life for me folks lol. At the post office the dude with dreads was nice but I didn't realize that media mail over one pound cost $3.13 and not $2.63. Oh well.


Tracklist for the EP of this thing:
1. The Internal Monologue is Real
2. Uptick Imp
3. Digital Bitches


Now I’m writing this on my computer. Wow. Pretty cool. Still haven’t gotten started with day job things/shit but haha that’s my m.o. I guess. UPDATE: I was able to finish the Live Journal account registration or whathaveyou. Maybe I should re-download the app and use that to post this nonsense?

I dunno. I dunno.

Not only am I not still doing work at 10:39, I am deeper into nonsense shit posting and illegal downloading haha and i haven’t even started updating iTunes id tags!

~jesus christ~
~jesus christ~


Working on speaker page for a guy named Jono quick, apparently Jono is a nickname for Jonathan?
Who knew?

Still on the iMac writing this, just finished quinoa, ate it cold with a little apple cider vinegar. My next stop is gonna be walk the dog. Then it’s bike to thrift shop / ATM/lotto / gym (I guess). Maybe I’ll try running and writing on my phone as I run? IDK.

Anyway, almost done with this dude’s page. That’s about all the work I feel like doing today for the day job btw. Gonna drink some gin tonight I decided.


Drinking gin.

Didn't get to a lot of things today because building the damn picnic table took forever. Sitting on my new recliner which is nice tho. Enjoying a cocktail of seltzer grapefruit juice and beefeater.

Barb is having dinner to my left watching Blue's Clues. In a few minutes Amy will take her up for bath and bedtime. I'll make what we call the Mark Bittman salad. Because he wrote a NY Times recipe about a warm salad with arugula, chickpea, ginger etc. once upon a time. Amy is grilling eggplant ๐Ÿ† on the grill as one does. Then we'll eat. Later. And with that, I say later as well.

Note to self: put something on the wall.

For art. Haha. Play it smart. Ya gotta.