Folks, I am a "hip" guy who is generally very OK, if not "supremely hip" to the hippy mentality/lifestyle. I AM NOT HERE TO JUDGE. I also have very neutral feelings on panhandlers/bums. Life is shit, and sometimes it defeats you 77-0. I get it. Do what needs to be done. I'm just another bit of flesh covered in slightly cleaner clothes. But lord almighty I am not OK with the scene represented in the photograph above, which I took at 4:27 PM yesterday on the corner of York & Aramingo in Philadelphia. This is a super busy intersection, and this… this poor dog. It made me so depressed. Yes, he kinda looks cozy in this photograph, but trust me: cars were constantly buzzing by within feet of his/her head as 'the owner' held out the hat for cars stopped at the left-turn red. This wasn't safe. Please, hippies and bums (god love ya): STOP IT WITH THE PETS. Panhandle all the livelong day––whether by total freedom of choice, or otherwise––but leave the pups at Mom's. Thank you. /PSA


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