I love making descent songs

❝ Greg Bisby must have been a busy Greg, his ready to rock release sounds like it had been juiced up on a weird experimental cocktail that might be pretty harmful towards your health, but pretty much beneficial towards the creative process. The first song on it is sounding the most sober, a descent song with wonderful sung words and music that most young performers would die for; a classy act of song making and writing all awesomely executed with evidence of a slight delirium going on. Or at least that’s what it seems to convey over from over where I have been standing; the inside therapy room at the local lunatic asylum, cause they have a good set of speakers!
R.U. Ready 2 Rock?––both its descent and ascent songs, apparently––has been 'reviewed' at a place called Yeah I Know It Sucks. Wait, you know? Wait, who are you? Oh geez.


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