Going through old posts / media / writings, and will be 'bumping' some stuff I feel is worthy of a s/o or is otherwise high-quality/high-gravity content. I posted this about the band Instant Death back in June of 2012:

That's right: I bought this on Amazon for six bucks. I couldn't find a d/l anydamnwhere. But it felt so good opening the jewel case and checking out the liner notes; it'd been awhile. Felt like a good lil consumer/fan.

Instant Death was a two-man project from Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz and the late Scotty Byrne. Someone just posted seven unreleased tracks to soundcloud, which got me thinking about them again. I actually was lucky enough to see them play John & Peter's in New Hope several years ago. This record is twenty-seven songs of hilarious and mean punk rock. Produced by Andrew Weiss and released in 2002.


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