I've never been to japan

I didn't make yesterday's movie. Not yet. I have a title, though. It's called The Green Jpeg and its about poetry.

On Saturday night I went to see this band Anvil at Johnny Brenda's in Philly, which is a place where bands play almost every night just a couple blocks away from my house. They were really great. Yesterday (Sunday 5 March 2017) it was "pay-what-you-want" day at the Art Museum. The Art Museum is not such a great place to bring a 2.5-year old FYI. We got yelled at by several of the men and women in suits. No running. No jumping off the benches like a maniac. That sort of thing. But they had some cool kid activities like a painting station where you could make your own little sailboat. They even had a robot sea otter named Sammy the Sea Otter who was controlled by an older fellow from the U.S. Coast Guard via remote control. My daughter liked Sammy.

It's nice living life in Philadelphia or wherever you live. Maybe you live in Japan? I've never been.

Later last night, I watched the movie Tickled on HBO Go. It's a documentary about competitive tickling but really it's about something else. I recommend it.

Today I woke up and decided to live my life some more. That's what I'm doing now. I am plotting the movie I will make about today which is not just a movie but true art because it is the greatest symbol of living your life. This seems like a true statement. In the car I thought maybe I'd call the film The Slog or perhaps Slog Life, but now I think I'll take it in a different direction. I don't know what that means. Not yet.

Here is an asian-type red dot emoji, a symbol of friendship for any of my readers in Japan:



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