I just unearthed a new DIY invention. I was trying to make a homemade stylus for drawing on my macbook's trackpad, and wasn't having a ton of luck. Then I noticed the grapefruit rind sitting on my desk. I picked up a piece and voila! The damn thing worked as skin-like texture and was super-responsive. Here is the first drawing I made just by using a still kinda moist sliver to draw with my fingers:

Enter, PHASE 2: Now I just need to build a stylus using a piece of grapefruit rind attached to the end of a pen or something. This idea is gonna be gold. I'm gonna make a YouTube video about it tomorrow and it's gonna get at least 45,000 views over the next five years because––as you can see from the screengrab at the top of this post––I'm clearly the first person to have this kooky idea.


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