I don't think I slept almost 8 hours, oh well

I purchased a knock-off FitBit™ primarily to track my sleep and after one night, the results are in! Unfortunately, they're not at all accurate imo. Let's take a closer look, little froggie.

I woke up with some back and foot pain at ~3AM, which is noted here, as I went downstairs to get some meds. But it was a much longer period than the sliver in this graph. Also, my daughter was crying for milk at ~6AM and that was a 20-30min sleepless gap that isn't even noted at all. This thing cost less than $30 so I'm not sure what I expected. It doesn't monitor my heart/pulse so it's putting these numbers together via movement (I am guessing; the in-app copy is pretty hilarious broken English actually and there is next to no info online). I would put my actual sleep total somewhere around a choppy 6.25, which––all things considered––is actually on the decent side for me. This thing is far from perfect but I kinda like it in that it motivates me to try harder. Also, I like knock-off things in general. Dollar Store Clams 4 Life.


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