The world is trying to destroy me but I won't let it

Yesterday, my wife had her phone stolen off of the baby stroller outside our house. She had set up the stroller and then went inside for a minute to go get our daughter. I spent the rest of the day tracking the phone on my computer (in New Jersey). It seemed to settle on a location near our house (in Philadelphia) where there is an empty lot.

I had to rent a car because both my wife and I needed cars and we only have one car. So after I dropped off the rental car at Hertz in the 30th St. Station and took a subway home, I went looking for the phone. I couldn't find it.

I went back again this morning. I couldn't find it. It was seemingly right under my feet in this lot. The neighbors around where I was looking were nice and let me look in their back lots. I have no idea what happened to the phone, which was a piece of garbage iPhone 5c. The phone had dropped the previous day and the glass screen was cracked and fully detached, only being held together by the pink case it was in. The colors of the display were all messed up too.

I think a junior high kid took it and chucked it in the abandoned, overgrown lot. I probably stepped on it as I was searching for it. Who knows.

In other news, we have a leak in the ceiling of the living room. It's not the worst leak in the world and the roofing guy who I paid $1,600 to fix it is coming tomorrow to assess WTF is going on because I can't for the life of me figure out the source of the water and he is going to fix this shit because that is a lot of money and I will ruin his ass ONLINE if he doesn't and/or ask for more money to do so. And the heat/furnace is still completely broken. It's freezing in here. Maybe we will get a new furnace this week, maybe not. Maybe it will be fully or mostly covered by our home warranty, maybe not. There are other things going on I'm not even going to mention. Life is so dumb sometimes, it's funny.

The world is certainly trying to destroy me but I won't let it. It's not easy staying positive in situations like these, especially compounded by the weird weight/pressure of the holidays. I shouldn't feel as good as I do but I am ready for 2017. I am irrationally confident about this coming year and the things I am going to accomplish. Don't fuck with me or get in my way.


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