Here's an email I just wrote to my brother

re my thoughts on last night's 10-7 Giants victory over the Cowboys.

Still kind of shocked they won. Totally expected it to be a tight game, but nothing like what actually transpired. I would have predicted something like a 28-24 type contest

The defensive scheme was as perfect as you can ever hope for. Dak seemed genuinely rattled and looked like a rookie in the second half. He didn't know where the pressure was coming from. And can't be understated how great Romeo played; he was a key. I think I can recall just 2 or 3 'mistakes' and they were all over-aggressive ones at that. And JJ's work on Dez was just awesome. DRC making plays all over the place too. Pretty much everybody on the defense had a moment. Just an unreal team effort

All that said, our offensive issues are a huge dilemma. Not sure if there's a remedy for them. In order of importance...

3. Buttcutt's gameplans / insistence on giving Jennings bulk of carries.
2. Flowers just plain sucking. Thank god Pugh is coming back to balance this, but it's a huge problem.
1. Eli. Only the second fumble you could argue "wasn't his fault." But even that is one you just can't put on the ground. This was an F performance, after a D- minus performance (at best) in Pittsburgh. I honestly think he might be dealing with an injury they haven't disclosed. He looked great at times earlier THIS season. It just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, terrific old school game. Glad to have very relevant Giants games in December/January... it's been a couple years.


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