When in rome u better eat a Chrome Pony. I heard abt this new macbook, does its track pad track like that? (mine, above^) i m minding mi own biz [[streaming illegal_NBA]] when all of a sudden my 'puter decides to turn on me; little did I know 1wk later the battery would expand and send one of the microscrews flying, cracking the'pad in the'process (s/o embiiiiid). well thaz where we is now wounded and waiting wonderful and i wont be buying any mo 🍎 products for dam sur. na-uh. lemme get to my books; they need me. i kant thinkk abt this N.E. longa. (sorry dont' meen to sound salty rn just a tad tired + P.O'd that i accidentally deleted a #podcast i recorded abt charlize theron's personallife.)


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