Here are some future plays I just made: 

I think there's some great value in Indians in 5 (+950). They've been awesome at home and––if they can get up 2-0––I can definitely see that happening. Also, there would be something fitting about Chicago losing their first World Series in 70 years at home. I also made two NBA Future bets on total wins, both over: Knicks Over 40 (EVEN) and Sixers Over 23.5 (-105). Good value on those numbers. I think there are several teams in the East with O/U numbers that are too high, so instead of rooting for unders with teams I don't really give a hoot about, I thought I'd take my chances with some (hopefully) fun teams I'll actually be watching. Best case scenario: I think the Knicks can sniff 50 and Sixers high 20s.


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