• Browns suck and are tanking. RGIII being used as a pawn for this purposeful suckitude is very sad to me. I will enjoy wagering against them though.

• Wentz might be good, IDK. Because the Browns suck and are tanking, let's wait one more week?

• Couple real bad beats in my Top 5 Picks. Specifically, Bengals winning but not covering -2.5 and the Debacle in the Dome, Jack del Ballsio's Raiders going for 2 and getting it. (I also took the Giants at -1 so that was a push, but also kind of a bad beat for similar reasons).

• RIP Terrance Williams. Yup, RIP.

• Loving the heartthrob, THA GAWD Jimmy Giraffe Hello! I will expand on this on a future podcast this week, but I think the best season-long, anti-Patriots scenario is for Jimmy G to go 4-0. Because... [you'll have to wait for the kkast, y'all!]

• More like Carcass Palmer, if you ask me.

• I need 17 points from Gurley tonight.

The Rutgers media/sportswriters are trash. They feed the flames for the rest of the internet to shit on us and I'm sick of it. I don't need this guy RTing this guy (for example). We were sleepwalking through that first half, but we still won 52-14. And in a week where Clemson and Georgia only won by single possessions at home against similarly bad opponents, please chill the F out. I believe in Chris Ash, but this year is gonna be rough. Would sign off on 6-6 right now. We don't need our local media being blatantly negative because it strokes their dumb egos.

• I'm working on my new character: Wildly Optimistic and Irrationally Confident Rutgers Football Fan. I'm not sure where most of the anti-RU vitriol stems from, but I think it's because people think that Rutgers football fans are delusional? We're not but I am working on a character via my Twitter feed that plays into this idea. Also: fake it 'till you make it? IDFK.

• This was the best thing I saw all weekend actually.

Say it with me now, "GIOVANNI. RESCIGNO." If we are going to endure' a 6-6ish season, then the least thing RU can do would be to start the most Sopranos-sounding QB in the history of time. I love this guy.

• I need a better app for following along with football games/stats. The combo of the Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Fantasy apps ain't cutting it. What is the best non-ESPN app for this? Am going to try CBS next weekend and will report back.

• The gap between how much I like pro vs college continues to widen. Although you're unlikely to ever see a finish like this in the pros––both from the perspective of the actual play (Hail Hook n Ladder? WTF) and the pretty much unfathomable officiating blunder which allowed for it to happen––there's just something sloppy and wrong and unpredictable about college ball. Sloppy, wrong and unpredictable can be great! Sometimes. It's like a weird, wacky, novelty version of the sport. A part of me will always love it and I will rep for my eternal losers Rutgers forever, but on the whole, I'm less into it.


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