Tomorrow, I give myself a haircut

Today I do not give myself a haircut, but I will give my face a haircut (shaving). On May the 19th I purchased the above hair-trimming tool, primarily to chop out my nose hair. But I realized it came with some unexpected implements and I could give myself a makeshift haircut experience in the mirror. And so I did sometime between ~ 5/20/16 and 5/27/16. Now, three months on, my hair has gotten shaggy and weird again. I don't mind it being long/shaggy on top, but I don't like the look of unkempt hair around the sides and back. So that is the part I am going to cut. I thought it went surprisingly well overall, but I could see it being more difficult this time, as my hair is a lot longer. It seems like it will be a lot easier to 'fuck up the fade' because of the extra length on time. But onward I press. I only average about four haircuts a year anyway, typically for $15-20 (after tip) at the Hair Cuttery or the Great Clips or Hair Depot or Café la Hair. I think the last time I got a haircut like this was probably January or February or maybe even 2015. So it wasn't like I was 'breaking the bank' splurging on haircuts. But I appreciate saving every penny and, more so, I appreciate the DIY angle. I was going to give myself a haircut today but I forgot to charge the clipper and I forgot to wash my head yesterday. One unfortunate thing about being 85% vegan now is that you have to shampoo your hair before giving yourself a haircut. Say La Vee.


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