I made this image in the Instagram-owned app Layout so I would know what kind of detergent and fabric softener my wife likes when I go to the store on my lunch break. I'm just a regular guy. This is also...

...a prime example of why phones need to come standard with at least 100GB of storage. I mean, what gives, right? Literally the only reason I did this was because I knew I could delete the two pictures in favor of this single one, just to save a couple MBs. This has to be a grand conspiracy to get us to upload all our garbage content to the cloud. I'm sure of it. They can fit a terabyte into like a grain of sand and flash/external storage is cheaper than ever. So why does the standard, newest iPhone only have 16GB worth? GB basically stands for GarBage at this point. I'm all about that TB lifestyle. More is not less, more is more, and more is where my head be y'all. Gimme that storage, phone folk. I'm coming for it.


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