I Rule the iRulu

Awhile back I bought a knockoff tablet called an iRulu off eBay for like 80 bucks or something. It's a piece of shit. I wanted it just for watching movies on the gym stairmaster but honestly the videos always seemed out of sync for no good reason. And trying to use this thing for anything else proved damn near impossible. (I've been using my iPhone 6 for awhile now which I love, although––truth be told––it took some time to get used to because of the small size.) BUT I still have it and I want to do something with it. To the left you will see the movies I had loaded on this thing before I stopped using it. Of these films, I watched them all except for Son of Dracula. So there you have it. What will become of this weird tablet moving forward? You'll have to wait and see (just like me).


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