Yo, so I will be posting a new Knicks-centric podcast (~11 min. long) shortly, but wanted to pepper said content with an anecdote, potentially a harbinger of good things to come in NYK Land. Here goes: A few days after the D-Rose trade, my family took a short a trip to AC (Atlantic City, NJ) and while news of that city's demise has (probably?) been exaggerated, it's certainly no thriving metropolis. But anyway, what gigantic ad/billboard is still front and center on top of a sneaker store on the corner of the popular outlet shopping area? You guessed it. Young Derrick Rose, former MVP and centerpiece of an Adidas campaign of yesteryear. The ad is faded, and sad if considered in an alternate reality where D-Rose is not currently a New York Knick, but I am Mr. Sunshine & Roses, and I took this is as a 'SIGN' man. Some enterprising street hooligan needs to graffiti that biatch with some blue and orange is what I'm thinking. Hell yea.

UPDATE: Billboard is on the corner of Arctic/Arkansas, in case you were wondering, and why the heck wouldn't you be. all in for d rose, y'all. I'm pretty sure the lights are still on at the Adidas outlet store.