HERE IS A COOL (READ: GREAT) IDEA: You know how bands do 'album rollouts' (ie, album cycles, etc.)? They either do a surprise thing or a thing that might go viral or slowly put out songs and/or videos until the whole album is available to stream on TIDAL for 17 days exclusively. There are dozens if not thousands of combinations of how this can happen. It's all very exciting stuff. Well, a popular band/artist that all the blogs follow should just put out a piece of media everyday with a press release like "CHECK OUT THE LATEST ____ (SINGLE, VIDEO, TEASER, WHATEVER) FROM ALBUM X!" And they should do this everyday for at least six years. Wouldn't that be great? At what point, would the blogs and social medias stop giving a shit? I realize this entails actually making that much stuff. But still: A+ idea that would totally make some sick commentary on this content farm culture of ours.