• If I were to ever develop, sell and market a crunchy banana-based snack, I would call them NANA CRUNCHERS™.

• In yet again updating these pages, my 'personal brand' if you will, I have (yet again) come across the agitation that is needing to update every single facet of each project, like info boxes + links for each track across multiple platforms (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.). I feel like this is some sort of self-sabotage but I don't see a way around it! Yuck.

• I'm gonna shelf WEEKLYBOOKS.NET until 2017. My grand scheme for this thing now is that I will release a full-length novel penned by me (but with a different pseudonym each week) EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Haha. What is my problem?

• I had some other random thots (I think) but can't think of them right now. Hey that's pretty random.

• Oh, I just remembered a couple more so I am gonna add them now, bullet-point style.

• Draymond Green sucks and I hope he gets suspended.

• Last night's Game of Thrones was hella confusing to me.

• I feel like most of Radiohead's non-musical aesthetic choices are pretty boring actually.


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