I've deleted all (well, most) of my social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). The only ones I am still using will be strictly because I like the programs for art-making purposes and wasn't even using them for 'networking' to begin with: Vine, Snapchat, etc.

This is an experiment, just like everything else. An experiment in focus. I will still look at Feedly to keep up on new music news, but all other content channels are closed for business. I will be using this blog + my tumblr (re-rebranded as shrimpkardashian) to put my things into the world. I will also be using this blog in association with Flickr and YouTubes to do 'Twitter-like' musings and 'live' content posts.

But my main goal at this point is to focus on the music and arts career of the Pizza Puppies collective, of which I am proud to announce that I am their new manager, as I continue to work on making My America Industries great again. It's all happening so fast!

-Jeff of jeffkkast


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