"The Blog is Dead: That's Why I Have This Blog"

I've been using Tumblr more and more lately. It's a beautiful thing: full-service blogging which bridges the gap between the microblogging concept and visually-enhanced longform bloggage. THIS VERY SITE should exist on Tumblr^ . But it doesn't and that's why it's perfect.

"The Blog is Dead: That's Why I Have This Blog"

Social media is about to die, but let's not forget: social media killed blogs like four to six years ago. (Human tech and web traffic/use trends are like an ever-evolving, kill-or-be-killed war between mutating cryptids.) I'm hardly a 'forecaster' or a 'futurist'––that's me eating a lollipop directly to the left of these words, which a 'forecaster' or a 'futurist' would never do (in public)––but if I may, let be the first to state that New Blogging™ will replace social media as THE Premiere Way 2 Do The WWWeb.

This blog, housed at the URL MyAmeri -dot- ca (a Canadian website) is forefather to what I predict will be a trend called New Blogging™ or [anti-blogging] or, for the sake of ease, N.B. When the Age of N.B. truly dawns, everyone still doing content on social media will probably have a heart attack and stroke at the same time because of embarrassment.

N.B. is the future. N.B. is the way. Awhile back I thought up a concept which was totally D.O.A. but its tenants still ring true, and deafeningly so. This conc (hipster slang for "concept") was #ZEROCONTENT30. Hashtag ZC30 was an innovative way to use the web: all input (30 hours a week? at least, bro!) and zero outtake (no content consumption). When the world becomes 100% content creators and 0% content consumers, we will reach a Content Singularity tipping point, at which time New Blogging™ will be the standard, the share economy will collapse and we will only have the content which we have created ourselves, from scratch, to enjoy.

Stay tuned to this website for more news and content related to this conc. Or don't. You're actually better off starting your own blogspot blog. The future is closer than you think.


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